Colin Palmer

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How I Work

Every new project is different. To make sure I cover all bases I employ a process that gets things done.

Meet & Greet

Before I touch a lick of code, it's my responsibility to get to know you, your business, your plans and your goals. If possible I try to have a sit-down meeting - perhaps over lunch - to learn exactly what it is you aim to achieve. We'll look at existing websites, competition and branding too.

Usually during the initial meeting I will put forward suggestions so that you are fully aware of what the web is able to do for your business or promotion.

The Proposal

Shortly following our meeting I will put together a proposal for you to read over in your own time. Within this I will explain what I plan to create for you. I'll break down costs, deadlines, and additional features. There's also some smallprint so there's no confusion about what I expect from you and what you expect from me.

The Drafting

Once we've agreed on the proposal, I'll start to get creative. I'll sketch out some rough wireframes, brainstorm mindmap ideas, before coding them into web page wireframes. These will be sent to you for review, along with comments and suggestions about how the final website should work.


With feedback received, I'll put some flesh onto the bones and make your design beautiful and in line with your brand.

Once you're happy with the design and subpages, I can move onto coding functionality.

The functionality, or how the website operates behind the scenes, will also go through an extensive drafting process often requiring feedback from you to ensure it stays on track.

Testing, Testing

We don't want to launch anything that doesn't work, or it'll be embarrasing for you and your customers - not to mention myself.

I'll test your website on a range of browsers and devices to make sure that visitors can do what they came to do.


If everything goes smoothly then your website will be ready to launch. I'll give you some pro-bono tips and advice to keep your website on the road to success.

After launching, the story doesn't end there. Technologies can change and improve, as can social trends. Visitors may react differently than expected, or some feature may need improvement. The fact is, it's impossible to tell some things until you've built up some data. Luckily, with custom coding and good standards, improvements will be quick and painless to roll out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to see if I'm available to take on your project.